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Why-does-air-conditioner-smell-bad-in-car, how to get rid of bad smell from car air conditioner. as it gets used, your car's air conditioning begins to emit a bad smell when you turn it on. this is due to micro-organisms that.... The cause of the smell is fungus, mold, and/or bacteria living in your vehicle's climate control system (typically they congregate in the evaporator core and/or near the condenser in your a/c unit). these critters move into these areas because it'..., your air filters may also be causing a weird car air conditioner smell. if not cleaned properly, the air filter can collect dirt, stagnant water, dust mites, and other harmful pollutants. this can result in a bad smell every time you turn on your air conditioner..

Why does my car’s air conditioning smell? updated 12 oct 2019. jason unrau. in warm weather, you can keep your car cool and comfortable by switching on the air conditioning. your car’s aircon whisks away heat and draws the moisture out of your car interior. that’s what makes it feel cooler inside your car., why does my car air conditioner air smell bad? every time i turn on my car's air contioning, it produces a weird smell. it is not horrible but not pleasant. and it only last for a couple of minutes, then the air comes out fresh. does this mean i have clean something in the vents or the air conditoning?.

Foul/musty smell coming from the ac vents? learn all about why your car ac smells bad and what you can do about it. these days, especially here in texas, air conditioning in our car is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. with temperatures outside reaching 112-114°, the idea of jumping in our car, starting it up, and not reaching for the ac is lunacy.