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Painting-bathroom-ceiling-and-walls-same-color-5, when painting a ceiling, choosing the right color can really make or break a room.but should you paint a ceiling the same color as the corresponding walls? or go with something entirely different? while every situation is unique, there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider painting your ceiling and walls the same color.. In this situation, i chose to paint the ceiling the same as the wall color. notice there is no crown molding at the intersection between the ceiling and wall (more on this topic here). this is when you should paint the ceiling the same as the wall color! this not only downplays any odd angles, it also “takes the top off” the room altogether!, oct 5, 2012 - explore nealbenoit's board "wall and ceilings painted same one color", followed by 107 people on pinterest. see more ideas about interior, home and home decor..

Consider making the ceiling a different color than the walls in a room that lacks a distinct focal point. paint the ceiling a color to enhance the existing furnishings and decorating style., rooms that use the same colors for ceiling and walls allow the ceiling to blend with the rest of the room. depending on the colors you choose, this can serve to make the space larger or smaller..

Should i paint my ceiling the same color as the wall? whenever you are thinking of a design or decorating idea for your home, you should take the current trend into account. even if you are not going to follow the modern trends, having a bit of knowledge about what others are doing can help [...] read more, 10 color ideas & painting tips to make your small bathroom seem larger. you don't need a complete remodel to make your bathroom appear larger. a new coat of paint can help make your small bathroom more comfortable and stylish..

Ceilings are frequently boring and bland – painted white to blend in or disappear. it's time to give the ceiling some style. a ceiling can be one of the most definitive elements in a space, adding character, style and individuality., is it time to paint your ceiling? whether your ceiling paint has yellowed due to everyday wear, or you are choosing a new color to add some character, contacting a professional painting company is essential if you want to expertly revive your ceiling and enhance the look and mood of your home’s interior. but what color should your ceiling be painted?.

Bathrooms are wet places and water will eventually get on your paint, no matter how hard you try to avoid this. some paint manufacturers sell what they call bathroom paint: a paint that has both mold-inhibiting agents and a better surface for resisting moisture.