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Ideas-for-the-basement-ceiling-5, basement ceiling ideas – in a tiny house where there is no more space left, turning the basement into a cozy room is an excellent choice to do. but, decorating the basement might be tricky, so you can start from thinking about the amazing basement ceiling ideas. ready to be comfortable underground? 1.white wooden planks […]. Guest written by my mom! about a year ago, steph and mike’s realtor (the same terrific lady who sold their former home in four days) posted a home sale listing that happened to have a finished basement with a black painted exposed wood ceiling., what are some of the cons and considerations for exposing a basement ceiling? difficult to heat. our basement gets cold! if you have an exposed ceiling, the hot air tends to rise to the next room, making it a lot cooler in the basement..

A typical basement ceiling is an unsightly maze of plumbing pipes, wires, ductwork, and structural bracing. but take heart: hiding all those systems with a finish material will give your basement instant credibility as usable living space.. finishing a basement ceiling often involves some compromises., if you have a basement with a low ceiling, you may need some basement ceiling ideas to make it look higher. some basement design has a standard high of a ceiling but it also feels a bit low for some people. well, in this article we’ll solve your problem by providing you with some ceiling ... complete reading.

There is no shortage of modern basement ideas to borrow from. unused basements tend to get filled with every old and unwanted item in the house from worn out furniture to childhood memorabilia. unfortunately, this is letting precious square footage go to waste. the basement is a perfect space that could be transformed into, there are many ways to cover an unsightly ceiling, whether it's genuinely ugly or you just want a change. some of these projects are economical and others are more of an investment. so, the path you take to cover your ceiling depends on how much you're willing to spend and your own personal taste. here are 14 ceiling coverup ideas to consider..

12 finishing touches for your unfinished basement an unfinished basement, with its concrete floor and exposed joists, may seem dreary and cold. but in reality it is an enormous blank canvas just ..., finishing your basement ceiling can be a really confusing and frustrating task for a lot of us! in this video i will take some of the mystery and hopefully a lot of the "guess-work" out of your ...